-S-OIL 7 is the brand name of a 100% synthetic lubricant based on the S-OIL-made VHVI (Very High Viscosity Index, Group III) class base oil and PAO (Poly Alpha Olefin) that maximizes five main features required for a cutting-edge engine. This brand embodies the meanings of ‘Forward’ for improving the car’s technical performance and ‘Ascend’ for enhancing the driver’s experience.


The brand name of S-OIL SEVEN does not simply indicates an engine oil but highlights its seven features and uses a familiar number to effectively communicate the brand with the public. The number seven (7) in a dynamic form presents five key functions of lubricating oils plus functional improvement of automobiles and drivers’ satisfaction (Forward & Ascend), and symbolizes the customized engine oil for modern automobiles that multi-tasking is available with advance in various aspects of environment, engine, and technology. The logo in a label was used by modifying its spacing and size to fit the application environment due to the limitation of container’s shape. If possible, the symbol is not used alone.

Logo - Main Signature

S-OIL SEVEN combines the corporate identity wordmark of S-OIL and SEVEN and strengthened its connection with the corporate brand. Marked as 100% Synthetic, it is emphasized that S-OIL SEVEN is the 100% synthetic engine oil. The signature suggested here is a basic combination applied to 4L Container Label and used as a standard to be applied to all promotion materials and application items. The signature combination of 1, 3, 4, 6, 20L Container Label is used by discretionally modifying spacing and size depending on the application environment.

Logo - Sub Signature

For printed media, web, and application items for promotion, an appropriately combined signature logo can be used. The size and spacing of signature can be discretionally adjusted to fit the limited space.


The wordmark of S-OIL SEVEN is a visual symbol representing the corporate identity. Therefore this wordmark must be correctly used to deliver the right image and messages. It should be thoroughly managed not to compromise the corporate image through damage or deformation during the development of company materials.

Color Usage

For the signature logo, Pantone 426C is applied to background and gradient color is preferentially applied to the logo in order to realize a visual harmony and effectively deliver the brand image. If it is impossible to use the gradient color, Pantone 872C or White colors need to be applied. If the logo is expressed in monochrome, Pantone 872C needs to be preferentially used. But if it is impossible, it can be replaced with Pantone 426C or White colors depending on the background color.

Hiển thị



S-OIL 7 RED1 5W-50 SN

450.000đ 380.000đ

S-OIL 7 RED1 5W-30 SN

400.000đ 350.000đ

S-OIL 7 RED1 0W-20 SN

480.000đ 420.000đ