Product Description

S-OIL 7 PAO 0W-40 is made by 100% PAO (Poly Alpha Olefin), suitable for passenger cars equipped with gasoline, diesel, and LPG engines fitted after treatment devices such as EGR, DPF. It provides very good stability, easy start in cold condition and complete engine protection.


  • ​All vehicles with gasoline, automotive diesel or LPG engines 
  • Vehicles with DOHC, Turbocharger, Direct Injection Systems, Catalytic converters
  • Diesel vehicles fitted with after-treatment devices including EGR, DPF 


  • PAO base oil provides excellent low temperature fluidity, oxidation stability and thermal stability 
  • This low SAPS (Sulfated Ash, phosphorus, sulfur) engine oil provides long life for exhaust after treatment devices including diesel particulate filter 
  • Resistance of breakdown in hot operation condition ensures complete engine protection in harsh condition 
  • Superior fluidity property in extreme cold condition and provides easy start 
  • S-OIL 7 PAO’s excellent clean up properties and stability help to reduce and remove dirt and sludge buildup 

Performance Level

  • ACEA C3
  • MB 229.51 / 229.31
  • BMW Long Life-04
  • VW 502.00 / 505.00
Hiển thị



S-OIL 7 PAO 5W-30 SN

700.000đ 600.000đ

S-OIL 7 PAO 0W-40 SN

800.000đ 690.000đ